Conductivity EC measurements

SCD Conductivity sensors, two electrodes open systems, provided with cable.
Suitable for many basic applications at a short distance (max 8 / 9 m).
Ranges K1 20.000?S / K5 200 — 2.000Ms
Probes electrodes: Graphite or AISI316
Probes body: PTFE or PVC
Remarks: Graphite electrodes have more accuracy at high conductivity ranges (K1 can reach 100 mS range)
Available upon request High resolution EC sensors with stem type shaft

PPM measurement sensors

The following are sensors for various applications, which have in common the measurements range in ppm.
For ppm measurements FWT has TOUCH and CTRL+ series controllers.

CN1-H-A12n / CN1N-A12n Absence of chlorine
Application: to verify the absence of chlorine in water for drinking quality (e. g. reverse osmosis)
CLS CD4H / CLS CD4N / CD7H / CD7N / CD7L Chlorine-dioxide
Application: Swimming-pool, drinking water, process water; It must NOT contain tensides all types of water
treatment, bottle washer, CIP plant; Tensides are tolerated

MST1N measurement of chlorite
Application: measurement of chlorite for drinking water, swimming pool, process water
WP7Hun / WP7Un / WP10 L-A12n / WP10-20%A12n Hydrogen Peroxide
Application: All types of water treatment (e. g. bottle washer, CIP plant, rinser) for high H2O2 concentration
WP10 L-A12n / WP10-20%A12n Hydrogen Peroxide
Application: All types of water treatment especially for high H2O2 concentration

OZ1H / OZ1HN / OZ7H / OZ7HN dissolved ozone
Application: all types of water treatment (CIP plants,rinser); swimming pools, drinking water, process water
BR1-N / BR1N-A12n Bromine measurement
Application: measure of Hypobromous acid HOBr for Drinking water; swimming-pool; process water
PES7H / PES7N / PES7L peracetic acid
Application: all water treatment, conductivity acids are tolerated, Tensides must NOT to be present
SENSOXY dissolved oxygen sensor with cable
Application: Water treatment, Waste water treatment, swimming pools, fish farms; composting facilities