T-VPER peristaltic pumps

T-VPER series: with integral TIMER (Digital or Analog settings); flow adjustment from 0 to 100%, enclosed into plastic modular box. Recommended for applications such as dosing biological activators for waste water, odours control and hydrogen peroxide control.

  • Peristaltic dispenser with digital Timer (available Analog timer).
  • Variable motor speed flow control (V-PER-N peristaltic series).
  • Santoprene standard hose (Silicon on request); Norprene standard 12-1,5.
  • Dimensions 171h x 201 x 110,6.
  • Power rating: 230V 50/60Hz.
  • Provided with accessories kit for water treatment.


Upon request

  • Level control and floating level switch (power LED turns yellow).

T-VPER technical characteristics

ModelTypeFlow rateMax pressure∅ HoseDisplacementrpmWatt
T-VPER1-31 l/h3 bar3,2 x 9,6 mm0,45 ml/rpm375.0
T-VPER4-34 l/h3 bar4,8 x 9,6 mm1,80 ml/rpm375.0
T-VPER12-112 l/h1 bar6 x 9 mm1,85 ml/rpm1084.0