Peristaltic dispensers

FWT offers a wide range peristaltic dispensers to satisfy most of technical requirements present in the application duties where these products are used.

Main application fields:

  • Small swimming pool and water treatment
  • Biotechnologies systems for dosing biological activators
  • Hygiene cleaning systems (industrial dishwashing machines)
  • Industrial Laundry machines
  • Peroxide dosing

Timer main technical features

Timer 1 Channel (standard) / Timer 2 Channels
Standard version features 1 channel digital timer: also available 2 channels timer and Analog

  • Day and week programming, repeatable programs.
  • 24 Hours display LCD display showing hours, day of the week and functions.
  • 16 switching capability per Channel (8 x ON, 8 x OFF).
  • Day block programming up to 56 switching programmes (1 Channel), 112 programmes (2 Channels).
  • Shortest possible interval between switching points: 1 minute.
  • Memory up to 5 years in case of mains power failure with Lithium battery (3V).