Monitoring panels

FWT offers wide range pf complete panel mounted stations for in-line measuring and control, which are available in a variety of designs covering most of requirements for most installations.

FWT panels allow also full customization according to individual application. FWT panels cover water treatment, cooling towers, swimming pools, waste water, process industry and more.


  • water treatment
  • swimming pools
  • drinking water
  • waste water treatment
  • reverse osmosis drinking water
  • process industry
  • chemical industry
  • oxides waste water treatment
  • bottle washer
  • fertirrigation
  • CIP (clean in place)
  • electroplating baths

Monitoring panels are provided with or without dosing pumps and come in a various sizes and components combinations.

  • Ion selective membrane chlorine sensor, free and total
  • Amperometric open free chlorine cell
  • PH and RX (ORP) electrodes, from the standard type to high resolution glass electrodes
  • Membrane sensors for any ppm measurements: Dissolved Oxygen; Hydrogen Peroxide; Bromine; Chlorine Dioxide; Peracetic acid; Chlorites; Absence of Chlorine