Swimming pools and spa

Swimming pool and Spa water treatment combines different methodolies and technigues and is highly dependent on whether it is a Public pool or a Private residential pool Public pools are also divided in Municipal or Olympic pools and Pools that are used in Hotels, Gyms, Aqua parks etc.
Spas in turn will have their own technical requirements. All of the above represent a serious challenge both for technical know-how and product proposal. FWT is happy to provide solutions for the following:

  • Public and private pools
  • Municipal pools
  • Gyms and spas
  • Hydropool
  • Swimming pools for liner ships
  • Aquaparks

FWT related products

Solenoid driven dosing pumps

Dosing modes and models
  • C/A-C/AL Constant / ON-OFF analog controls;
  • C/D  Constant / ON-OFF analog controls
  • CS/D Proportional to ext mA signal
  • CTRL3 Dosing pump with pH or RX or Cl2 controller
  • CTRL2 Dosing pump with pH or RX controller.

Peristaltic with controller

Measuring parameters
  • CTRL POOL / CTRL POOL V single controller, single peristaltic;
  • CTRL+ POOL / CTRL+ POOL V multifunction controller, single peristaltic;
  • CTRL2 POOL / CTRL2 POOL V dual controller, two peristaltics;
  • CTRL2/6 POOL / CTRL2/6 POOL V multifunction dual controller, two peristaltics.

Motor driven metering pumps


Measuring parameters
  • Free (residual) and Total chlorine;
  • pH;
  • Redox (Orp);
  • Conductivity EC (µS);
  • Hydrogen Peroxide;
  • Bromine;
  • Active oxygen;
  • Ozone.