Overseas transport

On any type of ship, being a cruiser, ferry, cargo or any sailing ship, there are many different tasks when it comes to water treatment: drinking and waste water treatment, bathing water and process water treatment.

  • Treatment of on-board drinking water by filtering and chlorination
  • Treatment of bilge water for bacterial control before pumping (peroxide addition)
  • Swimming pool and spas for liners

FWT related products

Solenoid driven dosing pumps

Dosing modes and models
  • C/A-C/AL Constant / ON-OFF analog controls;
  • C/D Constant / ON-OFF analog controls;
  • CS/D Proportional to ext mA signal;
  • CTRL3 Dosing pump with pH or RX or Cl2 controller;
  • CTRL2 Dosing pump with pH or RX controller.

Peristaltic with controller

Measuring parameters
  • CTRL POOL / CTRL POOL V single controller, single peristaltic;
  • CTRL+ POOL / CTRL+ POOL V multifunction controller, single peristaltic;
  • CTRL2 POOL / CTRL2 POOL V dual controller, two peristaltics;
  • CTRL2/6 POOL / CTRL2/6 POOL V multifunction dual controller, two peristaltics.

Motor driven metering pumps


Measuring parameters
  • Free (residual) and Total chlorine;
  • pH;
  • Redox (Orp);
  • Conductivity EC (µS);
  • Hydrogen Peroxide;
  • Bromine;
  • Active oxygen;
  • Ozone.