Hygiene and cleaning industry

  • Glass washers: dosing detergents and brightners;
  • Ware washers: dosing detergents;
  • Odour control;
  • Industrial laundries.

FWT related products

Peristaltic dispensers

Dosing modes and models
  • VPER Small flow rates;
  • T-VPER Peristaltic with timer;
  • VPER HF High flow rates.
  • VPER EC Peristaltic with Conductivity meter.

Peristaltic with controller

Measuring parameters
  • CTRL POOL / CTRL POOL V single controller, single peristaltic;
  • CTRL+ POOL / CTRL+ POOL V multifunction controller, single peristaltic;
  • CTRL2 POOL / CTRL2 POOL V dual controller, two peristaltics;
  • CTRL2/6 POOL / CTRL2/6 POOL V multifunction dual controller, two peristaltics.