Food industry

Perfect hygiene has first priority in the food industry. Therefore, FWT provides for highest standards in cleanness right from the beginning: with reliable complete solutions for water treatment and hygiene in the entire production chain and for all food branches.

  • Chemical treatment of food process oils prior to centrifuging
  • Blending ingredients in manufacture of mustard, mayonnaise and salad dressing.
  • Oil addition to peanuts.
  • Metering vitamins to many food products including milk.
  • Adding preservatives to citrus juices, jellies, jams, etc.
  • Addition of flavouring oils to fours, cake and pie mixes
  • Spraying coatings and flavouring to dry cereals.
  • Adding melted nutmeg butter to edible meat by-product.
  • Water conditioning and pH control for many processes including waste water.
  • Metering diatomaceous earth slurries for filtration of process and waste water.

FWT related products

Motor driven metering pumps

  • DS — DM series Mechanical diaphragm type metering pumps
  • PS — PM series Plunger (piston) type metering pumps


Measuring parameters
  • pH;
  • Conductivity EC (µS);
  • Dissolved oxygen;
  • Chlorine Dioxide.