Fertirrigation and greenhouses

Fertigation is defined as the application of nutrients through an irrigation system, a contraction of fertilization and irrigation.
Today, we routinely inject fertilizer solutions and suspensions into irrigation systems via calibrated injection pumps that insure precision over both space and time. This technique can reduce fertilizer application costs by eliminating an operation. It may also improve nutrient efficiency by applying them closer to where the plant needs them. Fertigation has increased dramatically in the past 15 years, particularly for sprinkler and drip systems. For drip systems, the expansion is mostly in horticultural and high value crops. In agricultural areas with declining water supplies, drip systems have also increased.
The need for irrigation is the main factor in fertigation because the irrigation system is primarily installed to provide water. The opportunity to fertigate is an added benefit.

FWT related products

Solenoid driven dosing pumps

Dosing modes and models
  • C/A-C/AL Constant / ON-OFF analog controls
  • C/D Constant / ON-OFF analog controls
  • P/D Proportional to ext digital contact such as pulse water meters
  • CS/D Proportional to ext mA signal.

Motor driven metering pumps

  • DS DM Mechanical diaphragm type metering pumps.


Measuring parameters
  • pH;
  • Conductivity EC (µS);
  • Redox (Orp).