Welcome to the world of FWT dosing and metering technology

FWT (Fluid and Water Technology) is a company of professionals with over twenty years of experience in liquid handling dosing systems and measuring systems. All members of the staff have been operating in these fields covering all key position including technical and customer service, research and development, trading and production activities.

FWT is a small company which follows best Italian industrial tradition, which is handicraft goods industry: we use same care and attention for each product coming out of our factory which guarantees that we will do our best to find a solution to any problem that our customer may face. Needless to say that our company is constantly growing but we do want to keep our artisan production legacy.

Company mission

Perhaps other companies aim to conquer the world but FWT has a more a down to earth mission which is to provide our customer with BEST QUALITY, BEST SERVICE, BEST SUPPORT and BEST PRICES. We are aware that these are the key factors for success in our market field, consequently we equipped the company to accomplish this mission trying to satisfy all the latter points, definitely we provide a good combination of quality, price and service — for these reasons our motto is


FWT offers a wide range of accessories and sensors to guarantee a complete service. All products are accompanied by single product Data sheet and product range catalogues.

Customers and distributors search

FWT International Sales office is looking to widen its Distribution range to provide maximum technical and commercial support to new and existing customers and dealers.
We offer a wide range of products, excellent quality at great prices ensuring, to whoever will take the job, a good profitability. Our main requirement is that our distributors must meet the same standards regarding quality, service, prices …and needless to say, pursue large sales !
If you are interested to receive our complete catalogue and price list, please contact our International sales department.