Welcome to Measuring and Control world of FWT. FWT® controller series feature various functions for continuous measurements and different levels of operating modes and programming procedures; FWT® controller series are suitable to cover a wide range of technical requirements, safety and able to match different price demands. Two series are available:


  • The TOUCH series is a multifunction system with touch screen display, chemical parameter controller and a management control system. TOUCH series is a work-in progress controller: the featured functions make it the most versatile controller unit on the market. The alphanumerical touch screen and an internal timer allows the operator to allocate each auxiliary output according to the system requirements thus creating a full customization.

    TOUCH series can be considered a Central Management unit for Industry, Water Systems, BMS (Building Management Systems) and Domotic applications. It has high quality performance in terms of management and functions and is easy to operate as it uses same concepts as the latest smart equipment.
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  • CTRL is a compact controller series with many functions and models which make the unit extremely versatile and covers different type of requirement: from the simple price effective controller to more sophisticated unit allowing in terms of measurements and functions thus satisfying most of the requirements for an instrument, it offers many features thus making it extremely versatile and easy to operate. Any model will always feature high quality measurement and functions performance.

    Some of the model within the CTRL series features also allow external management outputs to complement most of systems requirements to obtain a complete management control from the parameter measurements to the effective control of other equipment included in the system.
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