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Sales, inquiries and technical questions, clients trade relations:

imgMr. Tommaso Commonara:

A brief profile: 25 years experience in market of dosing and measuring equipment. Twice export director for two companies leaders in the field traveling in over 50 countries in the world, visiting a large variety of installations world wide and taking part in over 40 specialized shows. Deep knowledge of technical, application and commercial aspects of the equipment, founded the company about 10 years ago which was a trading company then changing it to a manufacturing company. Quality is his obsession and weak part: if things are not top quality, he falls in deep depression.

Administration, placing and chasing orders, shipment inquiries, sales information

imgMrs. Rachele Birra:

A brief profile: Mrs. Birra has been the first employee of the company and ever since she has learnt all the products and the internal procedures by hearth. Fast response and understanding predisposition towards others. A sweet girl that becomes a tiger when things are not done right!

Customer service, shipment inquiries, suppliers relation, production operations

imgMrs. Anna D’Arcangeli:

A brief profile: Mrs. D’Arcangeli has 10 years experience in production procedures working for another company of the same field. Her technical knowledge is striking: for any problem she always finds an immediate solution adapting herself to any production conditions. She’s always busy doing something, never find time for anything except changing often her hair style!